Ben & Zoe 22.09.17 / by Ben Winnington

Church weddings; we hadn't had any this year, and then Zoe gave us a shout a few weeks before her wedding to the lovely Ben, in a little place called Woodplumpton, in Lancashire. 
It was a fantastic day, packed to the rafters with family and friends, and food and booze. The church was a nice change of scene for us, and alongside some wonderful decor for the evening, and a pink dress - another first for us this year - we couldn't have been more pleased with the results. 
With any luck, the video captures what for us was a unique day, and for Zoe and Ben, will be something that they can look back on with similar appreciation for the rest of their lives. 
They say it's grim Up North. Show them this video, and prove 'em wrong.