Emma & Jordan - Pendrell Hall Wedding / by Ben Winnington

Emma & Jordan brought us back to where we started with video: the gorgeous surroundings of Staffordshire's Pendrell Hall. On an ice-cold February day, we shared a late-afternoon wedding with these two wonderfully relaxed Midlanders, and their close-knit families and friends, for one of our most intimate Big Days yet. Emma must be given her due for staunch perseverance in the cold; standing strong so that we could get everything we wanted. This was a wonderful day for everyone, brimming with emotion, and a fantastic thing for us to be a part of. We hit the jackpot yet again with the Bride and Groom, who are both big guitar-music fans, something which, for the second time, gave us a chance to have some fun with the video. Pendrell Hall has been nothing but good to us up to now, and we can't thank Emma and Jord enough for having us on this magnificent occasion. Thanks guys!