Meet Elle & Ben

Here is some useless but insightful information about us;

- Ben Winnington, and Elle Coe - we didn't think too hard about naming the business.

- We have a gorgeous little girl, who has changed our lives in ways we didn't know possible. 

- We met when we were 16; got together at 22. It wasn't love at first sight.

- Ben plays guitar for Max Raptor. They aren't too bad. Check them out sometime. 

- We enjoy watching Friends and Modern Family - anything that we don't have to think too hard about.

- Wine is our friend. 

- We would like to travel and take our family abroad. At some point. 

Having both come from creative backgrounds, and with an eye for fine detail and design; we decided to join forces and form a business in photography and moving images.

We like to make stuff look cool

We would love to meet you for a flat white and chat more about your big day. Hit us up.