Welcome to our Wedding Videography Portfolio

Wedding videos are a funny old beast, aren’t they? Thankfully, we’re beyond the days of a bloke with a giant camera standing in the corner, and a VHS with every cough, splutter, and drunken stumble on it. But not everyone wants the same thing, so here’s what you’ll get from us: the good stuff, and nothing but. We capture all the best bits that you didn't see, as well as all the bits that you did, and roll them into one beautiful, dynamic highlight reel, that you’ll want to watch over, and over again.

Jo & Kristen - Hampton Manor Wedding

I’m Ben, our resident video bloke (only without the oversized camera, and I definitely won’t just be standing in the corner). My background is in music, and we’ve done our best to carry that over in to making stylised, fast- paced films that showcase your day in the best possible way. I’ll get to know you, and what you like, and deliver a film that you’ll relish showing friends and family. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Laura & Tom - Lichfied Tee Pee Wedding

Charlotte & James - Hyde House Wedding


You both worked so hard to give us the best photos and video you possibly could and yet it was like having two more friends around us on the day! - Liz & Ro

Robyn & Tom - Knockerdown Cottages Wedding

Claire & Jay - Manor House Hotel Wedding

Winnington + Coe. Not your average wedding videography