Robyn & Tom Engagement by Ben Winnington

City Engagement shoots are the one. 

When you end up getting unplanned breakfast at Yorks in Birmingham with a couple before a shoot; you know you're going to get along just fine. 

Tom and Robyn are my kind of people. Both in the food industry, easy going, into music, like a good Netflix binge and know about wine. Needless to say we chatted as old friends would over our eggs royale and coffee. 

The pair were a joy to be around. They are clearly still as besotted with each other as they were when they first met. They joked around with each other all morning, and it was great to see how comfortable with each other they are. 

In the words of Tom "A wedding will happen"... and mate, I can't wait! 

Thank you both for being completely awesome company, and such a pleasure to photograph on such a bitterly cold morning. See you in the spring folks.