Evelyn's Christening + First Birthday. / by Ben Winnington

What a day. 28.05.17

We arrived at the beautiful church in Chaddesly Corbett, to be greeted by Jodie's glamorous and welcoming mother, and started photographing the tranquil surroundings. What followed was the busiest church we've ever seen; everyone there to celebrate the welcoming of gorgeous Evelyn into the faith. 

She behaved perfectly throughout the whole service and was absolutely loving the attention from all her adoring friends and family. 

The afterparty was a combined christening reception/first birthday party and it was no less than epic. Jodie (Evelyn's mom) left no detail out. Every child in that room was in their absolute element, with endless amounts of toys, bouncy castle, luxury party bags and possibly the biggest sweet table ever created. The whole wonderful day was rounded off by another big surprise for the birthday girl who made her grand entrance to the function room on a Range Rover which delighted guests and was the envy of all the children. 

We would like to say a huge thanks to the Poole family for inviting us along to such an uplifting and fun filled event. We wish lovely Evelyn a Happy First birthday and congratulations on your Christening.