Robyn & Tom - Knockerdown Cottages Wedding / by Ben Winnington

Robyn and Tom are the kind of couple you would want to attend your summer bbq! Chilled out, easy to talk to, into music, total foodies, and just all round great guys. All of these things about Tom and Robyn were reflected in their wedding. 

The pair had this incredible idea that they didn't want to rush their wedding celebrations, they wanted to savour the time they had with their family and friends. So why not make a weekend of it? And man, did it pay off!

Who would have guessed snow in March right?! But can you think of a better weekend to get married and spend a whole weekend cozying up to your best friends and absorbing the entire experience. I thought it was wonderful. And because all the guests were stopping for 3 nights, they all had that chilled out holiday feeling. 

Not only did Robyn and Tom give their guests an excuse for a weekend away, but they also managed to pull off one of the most personal, stylish, heartfelt but also hilarious weddings I have ever been to! A special mention must go to Robyn's sister Cassie, for providing us with what can only be described as comedy gold during the ceremony. Never again will I hear the lyrics of 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' and 'My Humps' being read out with such sincerity and love. 

The pair added countless personal touches to their day, and there was definitely an air of nostalgia and friendship. The guests were all presented with personalised records which had been hand picked to coincide with a memory or characteristic of that person. Like a room full of in jokes, the day was brimming with laughter. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Robyn and Tom for having us along to such an immense day; we didn't want to leave! And also a huge well done to all the bridesmaids and groomsmen for being so determined in the freezing cold snow to get some awesome photographs. 

Live happily Watson-Smyths! We will see you again, I'm sure.