Chloe & Cris 02.08.17 / by Ben Winnington

Arriving at the West Mill Venue Derby was the first real indication that this day would be something genuinely special.

The venue's quirky industrial charm is perfectly softened through its stunning waterfall surroundings, and was saturated with glittering rose gold and pink themed floral decorations. Chloe casually getting ready with her closest friends and family in the quaint yet trendy dressing room, she laughed her way through the morning with her girlfriends and was bubbling with excitement to marry Cris. A memory I will never forget is Chloe looking in the mirror at her stunning lace dress and saying "this is exactly how I always imagined it would be". A very special moment. 

Lets just say, 'emotional' was an understatement as a term for describing the day. Not a dry eye remained by the time Chloe and Cris had said their vows, and tissues were at the ready during the speeches, the dance, the filming and every other available point during the day (even we shed a tear). It is so screamingly obvious this pair are fiercely in love, and are so caring towards one another. Both families joining together was so wonderful to witness, and genuine friendships have formed because of this couple's love for one another.  

We have loved working with Chloe and Cris, and enjoyed the whole wedding day with all the details which went into it. The day was stunning from the romantic start to the energetic finish, and we could be more pleased to have been a part of it.