Ed & Rose 23.07.17 / by Ben Winnington

No, not those Smiths. 

Ed & Rose got in touch with us just over two weeks before their wedding, having decided they wanted something a little extra to remember it by.  

When the day arrived, we headed out to Pendrell Hall in Staffordshire, a charming venue that we'd previously been to with our photo booth. This time around though, we got to do the full tour, and it really does hold some hidden treasures.  

The aim was for an outside ceremony, but the reality was less straightforward; the weather refusing to settle in the run up to crunch time. Guests made their way to the seats outside, and then the rain hit. The Ashmore Brothers, raring to go as the day's entertainment (highly recommended) covered their amp and ran inside. And then we waited. 

And waited.  

Thanks to Ed & Rose for having us along to shoot for them. We had a tonne of fun, and it was a pleasure to be part of something with two people so obviously made for each other. 

E + B